Site Assessments

GEC has completed thousands of environmental site assessments. Our cost-effective investigative techniques provide the requisite levels of site information. In addition to All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), ASTM, or client-specific standards, we follow assessment procedures recommended or mandated by various state and federal agencies.

Waste Site Program

GEC has extensive experience conducting waste site investigations, remediation, risk assessment and regulatory closure activities. GEC also provides peer review and litigation support.

Environmental Health & Safety

GECs approach to regulatory services focuses on providing our clients the steps and tools for achieving regulatory compliance. GEC keeps the client needs in mind while developing innovative solutions and customized compliance programs.

Environmental Engineering

GEC has comprehensive experience in a wide array of environmental services and engineering particularly in the areas of water and wastewater system design, construction support, and operations and maintenance.

Related Projects

GEC attended a meeting where an EPA representative relayed his experiences inspecting, purging, and inspecting, and organizing chemicals stored in science labs within schools throughout Massachusetts. His team, consisting of trained interns, found cabinets overstocked with unneeded chemicals, mercury thermometers, and numerous hazards. The team collected, assembled and inventoried all chemicals, and mercury thermometers. Chemicals were evaluated for container condition, hazard class, volume on hand, curriculum needs as compared to normal high school science and chemistry requirements and then either entered into a database, returned to inventory, organized, or staged for disposal. Unnecessary chemicals were lab-packed off-site, and properly disposed. A chemical inventory database was created that will serve as a useful tool for future chemical purchases, waste disposal, issuing chemicals, accountability, and tracking usage of all chemicals. The chemical team also measured and checked laboratory fume hood exhaust performance, and safety showers and eyewashes, often finding inoperable or inaccessible equipment. In the end, schools ended up with safer labs, educated faculty and staff, an in-house champion to carry-on after the EPA team was gone, and tools and equipment for improved chemical safety and control. Their motto: "Do No Harm to Our Children." Their offer to help schools in need is still open to anyone who cares to partner with them. Seems like a pretty good deal! Contact GEC for details.