Site Assessments

GEC has completed thousands of environmental site assessments. Our cost-effective investigative techniques provide the requisite levels of site information. In addition to All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), ASTM, or client-specific standards, we follow assessment procedures recommended or mandated by various state and federal agencies.

Waste Site Program

GEC has extensive experience conducting waste site investigations, remediation, risk assessment and regulatory closure activities. GEC also provides peer review and litigation support.

Environmental Health & Safety

GECs approach to regulatory services focuses on providing our clients the steps and tools for achieving regulatory compliance. GEC keeps the client needs in mind while developing innovative solutions and customized compliance programs.

Environmental Engineering

GEC has comprehensive experience in a wide array of environmental services and engineering particularly in the areas of water and wastewater system design, construction support, and operations and maintenance.

Related Projects

GEC maintains a thorough understanding of the MCP, which describes how environmental cleanup is to be conducted in Massachusetts, through a set of regulations that require: identification and notification of OHM releases; determining whether the release is subject to the provisions of the MCP; and establishing how releases should be investigated and remediated.

GEC’s LSPs are highly qualified to oversee MCP activities and provide waste site cleanup opinions. We provide all MCP services from Limited Removal Actions (LRA) through Permanent Solution Statements; Activity and Use Limitations; filing for Downgradient Status protection; Post-Closure Operations, Maintenance and/or Monitoring; and Public Involvement Activities. GEC specializes in risk-based cleanup, assuring that remediation is focused on addressing contamination that poses the greatest risk to public health, safety, welfare or the environment.